The importance of biophilic design in a modern workspace (2024)

The importance of biophilic design in a modern workspace (1)

  • Friday 23rd Feb, 2024

Biophilia , a concept coined by the Harvard naturalist, Dr. Edward O. Wilson. At its core,
biophilia embodies humanity’s deep-rooted connection with nature—an innate inclination to embrace life’s true essence and immerse ourselves in natural environments. Practically speaking, we have been created by nature. Just like a child loves their mother and gets happy seeing her no matter what their history, same is with us humans when we see nature. Whenever we see greenery, the flora & fauna flourishing, don’t we feel so calm & content? That’s what biophilic design is all about. Join us as we delve into understand the impact of biophilia on our well-being, creativity, and sense of belonging at workplace. From its origins to its modern-day significance, discover how this innate affinity for nature shapes our lives at work and influences our interactions with the world around us.

How beneficial is a biophilic design for an office space?

Creates an effervescent environment

The importance of biophilic design in a modern workspace (2)

If given a simple choice between working in a blue & grey themed office with plain
standard items & furniture versus working in an office that mimics the colours of nature with wooden aesthetic furniture, which one would you choose? Most likely the second one, right? (unless you really like the standard blue & grey, you would go for the first choice.)

But really, whatever we choose, we always have an innate desire to find a joy in what we do. And for that, a certain mood is needed. What’s better than our workspace setting our mood for it? However burdensome or challenging the task at hand, one look at the totally opposite workspace design & we’re instantly motivated to work. Wouldn’t that be a miracle? Biophilic design is the secret ingredient behind the miracle. Apart from designing our desks with our personal little interests that motivate us to work, it would be so better if the common interest between all us humans – nature, ours truly – be the design of our workspace. It not only looks good, but it also improves the employees’ creativity by 15% and productivity by 6%, as a recent Human Spaces research report presented. It satisfies both the workspace aesthetics and aims.

Promotes healthy work-body balance

The Biophilic design concept isn’t only about adding a few plants & wooden aesthetics to your office, it caters to all our senses. It’s about our eyes – to see the pleasing sight of lush greens and be hyped up to work. It’s about our ears – less arguments because of the calm aura the natural design spreads across the workspace. It’s about our nose – breathing in the fresh oxygen that the plants bring in the work environment, enlivening us to keep on. It could be about our taste, if the office cafeteria serves greens. But most importantly, it’s about our posture, our vestibular sense. A correct posture is a very crucial indicator that decides how much time a day we will invest at work. A bad, hunched posture might make us feel bored and lazy, not allowing us to be productive. Whereas, a good posture which can be easily assisted by an ergonomic chair, would keep us comfortable and encouraged to work efficiently.

Nature-inspired aesthetics attracting employees & clients

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When we go on holidays, where do we go? Mostly outdoors, in open spaces like sea,
mountains, tropical forests or sandy terrains, right? What if the workspace is designed in such a way that when the employees come to work, it feels like such holidays where we go out in nature. Of course, it would be within an office setting, but giving the same amount of refreshing energy and encouragement to work. Biophilic designs mimicking natural elements inside the workspace would attract a lot of employees, from all over the ages and experiences, to work at such places. Similarly, clients will feel at ease and impressed by the design as well as the thought behind the design. Their experience with the company will be enhanced, therefore chances of new business will be more. The employees serving the clients will also feel tranquil and proud of working in such an evolved yet humbly designed human centric workspace.

Ways to incorporate biophilic design in workspace

Greening workspace – Plant Power

The importance of biophilic design in a modern workspace (4)

Indoor plants improve air quality by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen, creating a healthier atmosphere. Their presence near us reduces stress levels and enhances our overall well-being, thus enhancing positivity in work environment. Additionally, incorporating biophilic elements such as plants can increase productivity and creativity among employees, leading to improved job satisfaction and performance. Moreover, plants enhance the aesthetic appeal of the workspace, creating a more visually pleasing and inviting atmosphere. Placing plants strategically throughout the office, such as on desks, shelves, and in common areas, allows employees to experience the calming and rejuvenating effects of nature, ultimately promoting a happier and more harmonious work environment. Embracing biophilia in the workspace is not just a trend; it’s a vital aspect of creating a healthy and thriving workplace culture.

Indoor plant beneficial for an office space

The Cast Iron plant is a low maintenance plant that can thrive well in window- less offices, can grow in artificial low lighting as well. These plants act as effective air purifiers, removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene from indoor air.
The Snake plant is a beautifully scaled plant that is well suited for office environment, requires minimal care and can thrive in low light and infrequent watering conditions.
The ZZ plant is a cute aesthetic plant that is incredibly resilient and can sustain
in offices with occasional watering, minimum light. It’s a great plant to keep on desks.
 The Aloe vera plant needs very little water & care, can grow well in the daylight
of the office and is widely known as nature’s air purifier. It is must to include if you’re planning to increase the biophilic quotient of your workspace.

Nature in office furniture design

The importance of biophilic design in a modern workspace (5)

Integrating nature into office furniture design has many benefits, enabling a harmonious and inviting work environment. One approach involves incorporating natural materials such as wood, bamboo, recycled or reusable plastic and particle board with no or less VOC content into the fabrication of workstations, chairs, and storage units. These materials not only add warmth and texture to the office space but also evoke a sense of biophilia. Furthermore, incorporating living elements such as indoor plants or moss walls into office furniture designs can enhance air quality, reduce stress, elevate mood and increase productivity among employees. Planters built into workstations or storage units allow for easy integration of greenery, creating a refreshing and vibrant workspace. Innovative design concepts also include furniture pieces inspired by natural forms and patterns, such as ergonomic chairs mimicking the curvature of leaves or modular seating arrangements resembling rock formations. By blurring the boundaries between the indoor workspace and the outdoor environment, nature-integrated office furniture creates a more stimulating and conducive atmosphere for work.
Invest in Planter S and Aero W which is a modular filing storage cabinet and open desk
workstation with planter box installed on the top to accommodate plants pots adding
greenery to the office.

The Biophilic design concept isn’t just mere design concepts par say for your
workspace, it is a feeling altogether. Taking care of our mental, physical & social health,
just like nature does, it is a feeling that cradles us as we go on with our day, enabling us to truly give our best at work. Filling the office environment with pure air and eye- pleasing greenery, the soft aesthetics of wood furniture spreading a calming aura and the suaveness of the daylight shining in the office through glass windows all contribute to a healthy workspace ecosystem, truly a bliss to earn our daily bread at. Fusion Furnish will be more than happy to provide you in creating such a blissful environment.


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The importance of biophilic design in a modern workspace (2024)


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